Constantly on the move

So I managed to stay on Octopress for about 2 days and just couldn't quite get used to it. There was just too much friction with every little thing I wanted to change, which is most likely contributable to my lack of experience with the Ruby landscape.

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Hardest way to set a PATH

In a previous post I hacked together a cumbersome Powershell statement when I tried to set a path from the shell in a way that anyone could use. And it also had to be persistent.

Using $env:Path only sets the path for that session so it wasn't an option since it would leave people hanging when they restarted the shell.

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Setting up multiple rubies on Windows

This post will deal with getting a solid installation of multiple Rubies on Windows. If you've got previous installations you can always just uninstall them and start over from here. Make sure to delete previous installation folders after uninstalling.

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Octopress Windows-Style

I would say this is another one of those "moving to Octopress" posts, except that I only had one post and my WordPress blog had not been active a full 24 hours when I switched. So moving my content was a matter of ctrl-a, ctrl-c, alt-tab, ctrl-v.

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The a-hole lane

I moved to a new town a few years back and within the first couple of weeks I came upon what I came to call the A-hole lane.

Picture an intersection with two lanes going your direction; Then shortly after the intersection the right lane ends and has to merge into the left lane. My first reaction to this was that anyone going in the right hand lane was a jerk.

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Oh view where art thou

I’ve quite recently started playing around with Nancy and was sitting down to write some tests for already existing code. (Yes, I sometimes write code before tests when exploring new frameworks) This code had already seen quite a lot of use and writing the initial tests was going to be easy.

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